Equity Risk Partners Leads Insurance Due Diligence for Seacoast Capital's Minority Investment in The Sun Valley Group

Consumer, Restaurant & Retail

Company:  The Sun Valley Group is a leading producer of tulips, irises and lilies. Their largest growing operations are located in Arcata and Oxnard, which provide an ideal environment for growing bulb flowers, due to mild winters, cool summers, generous humidity and moderate coastal sunlight. The fields surrounding the greenhouses also provide excellent growing conditions for spring, summer and fall iris, and summer flowers including crocosmia, hypericum, monkshood and montbretia.

Investor: Seacoast Capital was founded in 1994 to make non-controlling junior capital investments in privately-held lower middle market companies. Seacoast specializes in "sponsorless" transactions, preferring to invest directly with company owners or management teams, although it will selectively consider investments led by professional investor groups. Seacoast typically provides between $5 million and $20 million of debt and equity capital for acquisitions, growth, shareholder buyouts, management buyouts, and leveraged recapitalizations. While industry agnostic, Seacoast broadly invests in the specialty manufacturing, value-added distribution, commercial services, environmental services, logistics and infrastructure services, health and wellness, and consumer sectors. Seacoast generally targets investments in companies with $10 million to $150 million in revenue and $2 million or more of EBITDA. With offices in Boston and San Francisco, Seacoast has invested over $350 million in companies headquartered in 25 states since 1994. 

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