Equity Risk Partners Leads Insurance Due Diligence for Gryphon Investors' Acquisition of C.B. Fleet Co.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Company: C.B. Fleet Co. is a consumer healthcare manufacturer and marketer of personal care and over-the-counter products in the feminine hygiene, gastrointestinal, and infant care categories. Founded in 1869 by Charles Browne Fleet and based in Lynchburg, VA, Fleet started out as a small pharmacy providing novel, easy-to-use personal health and beauty merchandise. Today, Fleet Laboratories is a global provider of more than 100 personal health and beauty products. The Company's product lines include Summer's Eve® feminine hygiene products, the Fleet® disposable enema, Norforms® feminine deodorant suppositories, Pedia-Lax® laxatives for children, Phazyme® anti-gas medication, and the Boudreaux's® brand of baby products.

Investor: Based in San Francisco, Gryphon Investors focuses on leveraged acquisitions of, and growth investments in, middle-market companies in partnership with experienced management teams. With more than $1.4 billion of cumulative equity commitments, Gryphon has an extensive track record of investing up to $100 million of its committed capital per investment in companies with sales ranging from approximately $100 to $500 million. Gryphon prioritizes investment opportunities where it can form proactive partnerships with owners and executives to build leading companies, utilizing Gryphon's capital, professional resources and operational expertise.

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