Insurance & Benefits

The right coverage for your business

With a customized approach to each client relationship, Equity Risk Partners is an insurance brokerage unlike any other. Our integrated team of professionals has the specialized expertise necessary to help our clients effectively manage risk. Our professionals are dedicated to understanding all aspects of your business - from operations to competition; from history to future; from supply chain to product line; from human capital to return on capital - and we’ve compiled the right resources to help us understand, quantify, and manage the associated risks. With a strategic focus on the private equity industry, our team and services consistently meet the unique needs of private equity firms, hedge funds, merchant banks, family offices and more.

Equity Risk Partners offers access to the largest and most specialized insurers in the United States and around the world. We currently manage insurance policies with more than 100 insurers and we are licensed and operate in all 50 states.


We value Equity Risk Partners’ efforts to understand and meet our insurance needs and their tenacity and thoroughness in the marketing process. We receive quick and accurate responses to our insurance questions from Equity Risk Partners staff members who are professional and courteous in their approach.

Murphy Dysart, Human Resources Manager - Paragon Products