The Adoption of Telehealth

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Healthcare reform has driven a significant interest towards the use of Telehealth as a solution to reduce the cost of care while increasing accessibility. Equity Risk Partners is witnessing Telehealth's embrace by employers, providers and patients. For patient education, preventative care, and as an administrative means for health care providers to communicate, Telehealth is gaining momentum in the health care industry as an efficient method to diagnose and treat patients.

Whether you are considered a small group or large, the benefits from Telehealth is surpassing the customary means of receiving traditional and specialized health care. At Equity Risk Partners, we can collaborate with clients to build an employee benefits program that can exceed the competitive market for desired employers. The introduction and use of Telehealth has demonstrated to employees and their families the ability to save time and money while improving on quality of care and preventative practices.

Through the use of rapidly developing technology, health care services are available with the provider being at a different location, granting patients an alternative to being seen in a hospital, clinic or physician's office. Telehealth has also procured for those that travel frequently, access to their medical records from any location. The most common modalities used to execute this process are:

  • Video Conferencing - Interactive, real-time audio and video that provides a live exchange.
  • Store and Forward - Electronic, secure transmission of medical information.
  • Remote Patient Monitoring -Data electronically transmitted to a clinician for assessment.
  • Mobile Health (mHealth) - Provision of personal health care services and data on mobile device.

Telehealth presents an extensive library of patient education and preventative care instruction to get your staff and families on the track to better health, in addition to bridging the "access to care" gap for those who live in rural settings, have lack of transport or who are disabled. Minimizing time off and maximizing better health is the forefront to continued success in all aspects of any industry.

With 75% of the insured population in the US stating they would use Telehealth, projections for the increased development of the market are optimistic. Healthy individuals and those effectively managing a chronic condition feel that once they are established with their care provider, having had a physical exam in a hands-on environment, most issues that arise are simple and can be addressed electronically. This being said, acutely emergent issues remain and should be treated as such in the appropriate environment.

Equity Risk Partners is enthusiastic to work with our clients and the insurers to implement this innovative means of health care into their employee benefit program.


Leigh Speicher - Vice President - Employee Benefits

Leigh Speicher's diverse background in the benefits industry includes nearly 23 years of carrier experience, brokerage experience and technology experience. She began her career as a carrier Service Representative then moved to the brokerage side of the industry. Ms. Speicher has worked for a benefits-based technology firm assisting brokers with implementing client management database systems and has managed a TPA. Prior to joining Equity Risk Partners in 2013, Ms. Speicher managed the service operations for two Northern California based benefits brokerage firms. Ms. Speicher received her bachelor's degree in Communication Studies with a minor in Business Administration from UCLA.

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Michael Marcon - President, HUB International and Founder, Equity Risk Partners

Michael Marcon has more than 30 years of insurance experience, pioneering the delivery of insurance due diligence to private equity firms and specializing in alternative risk financing and transactional insurance products. Before launching Equity Risk Partners, Mr. Marcon was Executive Vice President of Aon Risk Services - Mergers and Acquisitions Group and he was instrumental in creating the Private Equity practice for Aon's predecessor company, Rollins Hudig Hall. He served as Regional Manager - Finance for Transamerica Corporation, as well as positions in Special Risk Financial and Capital Management for CIGNA Corporation.

Mr. Marcon holds an undergraduate degree in economics from Ursinus College (where he was the former chairman of the board of trustees) and an MBA in finance from Drexel University. Mr. Marcon tweets from @mcm7464 and can also be reached through his blog, Michael Marcon Tweets, where he writes about business, tradition, and life.

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