Reps and Warranties Insurance Videos 'On The Go' - Equity Risk Partners R&W 2.0

Product Overview

Equity Risk Partners has built a video tutorial series on R&W Insurance in order to provide insight into the ever evolving transactional insurance markets. We believe this video tutorial series will be both informative and entertaining. It will allow you to watch our videos from your mobile device, enter.....R&W 2.0.

 Through these short videos that you can watch from anywhere you have an internet connection, you can stay up to date on the R&W insurance markets as it pertains to Coverage Highlights, Transaction Benefits and Insurance/Indemnity Structures.

For a complete source of all our R&W 2.0 videos, click here to view our Knowledge Center

Please direct any questions to our Equity Risk Partners Transactional Risk Team: Kirk Sanderson -; 646.832.9308 (NY),  415.874.7011 (SF) Rob Jevens -; 415-874-7110 (SF) Or, your local Equity Risk Partners' professional

We look forward to hearing from you.

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