Equity Risk Partners Global

Europe and MENA

Equity Risk Partner Global manages its members in Europe, Middle East, and North Africa from offices in Manchester, London, and Aberdeen. This team of professionals has the expertise to find the right solution for your business.

The effectiveness and performance of your management teams is critical - you want your professional advisers to be equally effective.  During the due diligence process your team will be lead by Principals with significant transaction experience.  That team will continue as the service lead post-close, which we believe is key in providing added value to our clients and maintaining relationships in the long term. 

With our knowledge and expertise of the private equity industry we are able to provide:

  • Insurance due diligence
  • Transactional products including Warranty and Indemnity
  • “Deal specific” D&O coverage extending private equity board cover
  • On going service to your portfolio companies
  • Add-on and exit due diligence at no extra charge

We make it our mission to help our clients drive profit and create growth.  We understand and share your ethos.

Due Diligence Services

We Give you our Opinion - Not Just our Analysis

Our comprehensive Risk Analysis Report gives you much more than a purely technical analysis of insurance coverage. Our deal experience means we understand what you need to know as investment professionals, and we understand how to partner with your other transactional advisors.

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Knowledge and Experience: Director Level Attention

Equity Risk Partners Global's due diligence capabilities are built on strong foundations. Our team has:

  • Chartered Insurance Brokers undertaking all risk assessments
  • More than 35 years combined deal experience
  • Advised on more than 30 transactions in the last two years alone, including businesses with representation in more than a dozen countries.

Ongoing Portfolio Services: Continued Value Post-Close

We provide the same senior team to lead the ongoing provision of insurance and risk advice as undertook the pre-close diligence This provides continuity and ensures that the equity investors interests continue to be protected.

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“Peter and Gavin make the process of engaging with Equity Risk Partners Global (Vista) a very easy one. Their knowledge and experience shine through. We know that when they give us and our management teams advice it is from the unique perspective in this space of being themselves both business owners and insurance deal specialists.”

Catherine Richards – Investment Director, Inflexion Private Equity Partners

“The Equity Risk Partners Global (Vista) M&A team deliver excellent insurance due diligence analysis and opinion. However, where they really add value is where they can continue to work with the management team through the life cycle of our investment. We get the same high quality team from acquisition to exit.”

Mo Aneese – Associate Director, Livingbridge EP