Your Partner Worldwide

Equity Risk Partners Global is the only worldwide alliance of independent insurance brokers that takes a unified and consistent approach to due diligence and insurance brokerage. We created this unique coalition in order to provide the best service possible to private equity firms and portfolio companies considering cross-border deals. 

Our members are dedicated to understanding your business and have access to a global information network to ensure comprehensive coverage. Our resources are dedicated to understanding, quantifying and managing the risks associated with your business on a global scale. Combined with our top-notch industry expertise, we are your partner from due diligence to divestiture.

Learn more about how global programs are structured, what coverages are typically purchased, and the most common risk scenarios that risk managers have to consider:

Typical Program Structures

Global insurance programs can be structured to mirror your company's growth objectives, organizational chart, and management approach. 

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Most Common Risk Scenarios

In general terms, the risks that global companies face are fairly consistent.  It is important for us to understand which of these apply to your business and determine how you would like to address these exposures.

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Key Insurance Coverages

There are several insurance coverages that must be specifically tailored to address the unique exposures of global companies.  We have the market access and expertise to make sure that they are placed appropriately.

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