Industry Sectors

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Our diverse team is composed of experienced brokers with specialized knowledge across a broad range of industries. Our private equity clients invest in a variety of companies, some mainstream and others a bit more uncommon, which has given us highly varied expertise that we apply to managing the unique risks of your business. 

We work with private equity clients and portfolio companies in a variety of industries. Below is a list of some of the most common sectors we service, but it is not exhaustive; over the years we have worked with clients in every industry imaginable. Our experience is broad and no niche is too narrow, so even if your business doesn't fit under these categories, we can still provide the guidance and expertise to help you succeed in your unique space.

Aerospace, Defense & Government Contracting

The aerospace, defense and government contracting sector is broad with high risk and complex regulation. Claims in this area are prevalent and can also be extremely expensive to defend and pay. We have been working in this sector since our inception and have the necessary expertise to ensure our clients obtain the most comprehensive coverage to suit their unique needs.

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Building Products & Materials

Potential risk in the building products and materials space is widespread and can range from small personal claims to significant class action litigation. We have worked with a large variety of companies across the sector so, whatever your company’s unique needs are, we have the experience to ensure that all potential exposures are covered.

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Business Services

Our team of expert brokers has seen every Workers' Comp and Professional Liability claim. We combine decades of experience with specialized knowledge of industry-specific needs and regulations to deliver complete coverage at competitive costs. 

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Consumer, Restaurant & Retail

The consumer sector is highly regulated and competitive. Legal claims or regulatory enforcement actions can adversely affect sales, reputation and profitability. From supply chain management to international trade regulations, we help clients manage every aspect of their coverage needs to mitigate risk on the front end and preserve their brand image and customer loyalty.

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Diversified Industrials

Diversified industrial risk encompasses consumer and employee exposures due to equipment, products and services and touches a broad range of categories. Equity Risk Partners has the depth of experience necessary to guide clients through the complexities of operational risk, as well as manage their risk through growth and expansion.

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The education sector is seeing a significant growth period, but with that growth comes increased exposure to litigation. Our dedicated team ensures that education professionals and institutions are insured against professional and physical liability claims so they can focus on the important work of teaching the next generation of innovators and professionals.

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Energy & Power

The energy and power sector carries a variety of high-risk concerns for both consumers and the companies that generate and distribute power. Equity Risk Partners helps companies manage exposures in a way that maintains safety and uninterrupted service for employees and consumers, and ensures energy companies can continue to manage their risks and provide their vital services within their budget.

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Environmental Services

Environmental concerns have become a much higher priority for companies who need to find ways to implement cleaner, greener processes at a reasonable cost. Equity Risk Partners has stayed ahead of the curve when it comes to environmental exposures and has the experience and knowledge to help clients ensure regulatory compliance and mitigate the risk of environmental impact of their operations.

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Healthcare & Life Sciences

Healthcare is a constantly shifting environment.  As regulations change, it is important for businesses to offer competitive programs that maintain their bottom line. We combine significant experience with innovative ideas to develop cost-effective healthcare and employee benefit programs aligned with the strategic and financial objectives of each client.

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Mixed-use buildings, conference centers, hotels, tourism, food and beverage, not to mention all the vendors and employees involved comprise an exciting but complex insurance sector. Our experience and intimate understanding of the diverse needs of this industry enables us to offer customized coverages to suit the unique needs of your business.

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Between product liability exposures and facility-related risks such as Workers' Compensation and waste disposal, companies in the manufacturing industry need a partner that understands the broad range of coverages needed to insure them against potential loss and how to secure a comprehensive policy at a competitive cost.

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Real Estate

Real estate is a highly specialized field and funds in the space are significant. Our team of brokers has dedicated expertise and decades of experience in the real estate sector to ensure that properties from residential to commercial are protected from every potential exposure.

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Specialty Distribution

From contract to delivery, we see the big picture and provide services to cover every link in the supply chain and protect your company every step of the way.

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Technology, Media & Telecom

The worlds of technology, media and telecom are constantly shifting and increasingly converging with the emergence of new innovations and devices to meet evolving consumer demands. Investment is heavy in the space and mergers and acquisitions are a regular occurrence. We have the specialized knowledge to help our clients stay ahead of the curve and comprehensively insured in an ever-changing environment.

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Transportation & Logistics

Modern commerce relies on fast and secure shipping, which means that distributors as well as transportation companies must ensure the safety of their drivers, passengers and cargo every step of the way. Whether your cargo is traveling by ground, air or sea, Equity Risk Partners has your insurance needs covered.

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