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DefCon Risk Group focuses on helping defense, aerospace and government contractors improve their total cost of risk by managing their exposures and indemnification requirements.

The aerospace, defense and government contracting sector requires more specialization and insurance coverages than traditional manufacturing industries. It is also susceptible to expensive and frequent claims.

In our experience, clients in this space are often unsure of what indemnities are coming from the government versus what they are assuming themselves.  There is also a gap with the insurance company and what they are willing to insure with respect to contracting jobs being performed for the government.

Our experienced team makes sure that insurance companies understand what the government contractor is indemnified for so we can negotiate the broadest terms in the market.

Most Common Placements and Services

DefCon Risk programs are customized for each client, and we negotiate insurance on behalf of contractors and help them understand where they have liability and where they don’t have liability and really hold their hands through the process. We pay particular attention to make sure each risk is addressed.

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Process Milestones

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Risk Management

The best risk management programs mitigate future claims.  Equity Risk works with our clients throughout the entire claims cycle.  Preventing losses allows our clients to demonstrate best in class results that give them an advantage in the bidding process.

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Our Trusted Partners

DefCon Risk Group brings a first class team of professionals to every client in order to drive down cost and deliver results.

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